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Empowered Generational Healing



Meet The Authors

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Angela Billings

The matriarch.

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Amber Dobkins

Daughter of Angela and mother of Jewelia.

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Jewelia Dobkins

Daughter to Amber and granddaughter to Angela.

Sacred Legacy Audio SampleAngela Billings, Amber Dobkins, & Jewelia Dobkins
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Sacred Legacy explores the journey of three generations of women as they transform cycles, wounds, and patterns from their lineage. Zanny, Ulew, and Jewels walk through the five essential steps that helped them find the courage to forge a better way for each of them and their daughters.

Imagine a family that supports each other through the challenges and transitions in life. A family who accepts each other's differences and embraces the light within that guide each of them to their own inner truth. Sacred Legacy shares how one family consciously created this dynamic.

These empowered women share stories of healing childhood trauma and learning to access the deep Inner She that is passed down from our ancestors. Every woman has a maternal inheritance that lives within herself, her mother, and her grandmothers. This maternal legacy is a source of our mother's intuition that we have access to tap into and build upon for future generations.


Explore this journey together with your mothers, daughters, and friends to spark the Sacred Legacy in your circles and communities. Find the gift of empowered generational healing.

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